What Is Baby Almond Oil?

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Baby almond oil, or sweet almond oil, is extracted from almonds that have been roasted and then pressed. Lightweight and translucent, baby almond oil has a slight yellow color, is nearly odorless, and has a very mild flavor. Many vitamins and nutrients are found in almond oil, including vitamins A, E, B1, B6, and an omega-3 fatty acid called linoleic acid. For these reasons, almond oil is very popular with the makers of skin-care products, cooks, and those who practice aromatherapy. Thanks to its emollient and moisture-retention properties, almond oil can be found in many beauty, health, and skin-care products, including cosmetics, lotions, moisturizers, and baby oils.

There are many reasons why baby almond oil is an ingredient often found in skin-,care, health and beauty products. The oil’s emollient properties make it an excellent skin softener, and lip balms that contain almond oil are effective at soothing and softening dry or chapped lips. Sweet almond oil is excellent at retaining moisture, keeping it from escaping from the skin, making it beneficial to those who have dry, rough, or damaged skin. Also, it doesn’t clog the pores, which can be a concern for those dealing with acne and other skin conditions. Almond oil has many other benefits, including helping the skin to retain its elasticity, which helps the skin look firm, healthy, and youthful.


Several vitamins and nutrients are found in baby almond oil, including alpha-tocopherol — a type of vitamin E that is easily absorbed into the body — and vitamin K. Among other things, vitamin K helps to decrease skin discolorations, including age spots, dark circles under the eyes, and old scars that have yet to fade.

Babies have sensitive skin, and it can be hard to find products that won’t irritate it, resulting in rashes and breakouts. Studies have found, however, that baby almond oil is pure enough to be used on the delicate skin of young children. In fact, it can be beneficial. One benefit is that almond oil massaged into a baby’s scalp can help relieve cradle cap, a rash that causes dandruff-like flaking.

After-bath massages with baby almond oil can be calming, and can help a baby sleep more peacefully. Such massages can also help to relieve and prevent the dry, rough skin many babies seem to be prone too. Giving a baby massages with almond oil can also help to stimulate respiration, circulation, and digestion, as well as relieve pain and congestion.



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