What Is Aromatherapy Cream?

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Aromatherapy cream is a health and beauty-aid product that may be designed for many areas of the body, from the face to the feet. Individuals apply this smooth, creamy, and pleasant-smelling product to skin. Plant components called essential oils typically comprise this substance. Proposed benefits of aromatherapy cream, such as relaxation and antibacterial capabilities, derive from the alternative medicine practice of aromatherapy.

Essential oils are the foundation of aromatherapy. These plant components are extracted, concentrated liquids that contain intense aroma compounds. Many types of oils are used in these creams, including chamomile, eucalyptus, and lavender. Once extracted, the oils may create a variety of aromatherapy products, ranging from vaporizers to creams. Both the aroma and the reported health benefits of aromatherapy cream are provided by the aromatherapy oils.

The aromas invoked by aromatherapy cream ingredients have a positive psychological effect, advocates claim. The mood-alleviating effects may result from the powerful influence smell exercises over the limbic portion of the brain: an area responsible for many basic emotions. Fresh natural odors like pine and peppermint can cleanse the mind and put the body in a state of relaxation. In some studies, aromatherapy products have seemingly helped improve conditions like stress and depression. Research also indicates potential effects on blood circulation and fatigue levels, which may also account for improved moods.

In addition to emotionally based aromatherapy benefits, essential oils are also believed to have some beneficial medical properties. Many of the substances may possibly contain anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory potential, making them ideal for healthy skin. Aromatherapy may help hydrate dry skin as well. Further, some proponents back the products' alleged abilities to curb arthritis and muscle pain.

Many proposed traditional uses of aromatherapy cream exist. For one, it may be applied to the face as an anti-wrinkling measure through proposed collagen enhancement and cellular regeneration. Body aromatherapy cream potentially moisturizes and softens the skin. Specific topical creams may also be designed for the hands and the feet that allegedly prevent skin cracking and flaking. In addition, creams may be used as a component of aromatherapy massages.

These creams may be found in retail outlets that carry health and beauty products, specifically if the outlet focuses on more alternative products. The substance is also a popular fixture in many massage parlors, where it is applied during a full-body massage. While some aromatherapy products are primarily inhaled, aromatherapy creams are usually directly applied to the skin so that they may enter the bloodstream.

Possibilities further exist for homemade aromatherapy cream. It is generally created by boiling a mixture containing substances like beeswax, oils, and water. The substance is then blended, where additional ingredients may be needed at this blending stage.


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