What is Antler Velvet?

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Traditionally collected from the young antlers of elk and deer, antler velvet is a compound used in alternative medicine for centuries. With adherents in such countries as Japan, China, and Korea, antler velvet is understood to be an effective treatment for many different types of physical and emotional issues. Commonly available in many health food stores, the substance is often sold in powdered form, or in capsules.

Harvesting antler velvet requires approaching the deer or elk as new growth is taking place with the antlers. In the earliest stages, the emerging antler is covered by a thin layer of tissue that is warm to the touch and understood to be loaded with essential vitamins and minerals. Gently removing some of this layer from the young velvet antlers is a painless process that will not result in injury to the new antler or to the animal.

Elk antler velvet is considered in many traditions to be the superior form of the health supplement. Regular use of antler velvet collected from elks is understood to help balance the hormones within the body. The end result is more physical and mental energy during the daytime and a more recuperative sleep at night. Antler velvet may be recommended during periods of great stress, since it can help to soothe the nerves and prevent an emotional overload.


At the same time, deer antler velvet is also gaining a reputation of being at least as potent as the elk variety. Use of the supplement is sometimes touted as an excellent way to enhance the immune system and thus improve the body’s ability to heal from a variety of health woes. This can include recovery from wounds and cuts, inhibiting pain from conditions such as rheumatism, and helping to stabilize blood pressure.

While antler velvet seems to work for many people, it is important to remember that health supplements sometimes may interact with prescription medication. Before taking antler velvet in any form, consumers should consult with a physician about any possible negative side effects.



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@waterhopper: Deer velvet antler is proving to be very beneficial as a natural medicine. Oriental physicians consider it to be an essential health, sexual, and energy tonic for over 2000 years.

It is known to improve immune system functioning, improve athletic strength and performance, improve muscle recovery after exercise and is an excellent supplement for women’s health.

It also enhances sexual function for women and men. Many people use it as a supplement for arthritis, as well.

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Wow. Very interesting article. What else is antler velvet used for?

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