What Is an Ovarian Cancer Walk?

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An ovarian cancer walk is a special walking or running event that is held in support of ovarian cancer. Cancer centers, foundations, or ovarian cancer–related organizations may hold such events. Corporations, cities, and endowments and memorials created in the memory of those who have lost their battle with the disease may also sponsor or hold an ovarian cancer walk. The length of the walk tends to vary between events, but most walks do include additional activities to keep walkers engaged. Participants may be able to participate in the event individually or through teams as they walk to increase public knowledge of this cancerous growth that starts in the ovary.

The distance being run or walked in an ovarian cancer walk will vary based on the event. Some events are designed to be noncompetitive in nature and may feature short walks of no more than a few miles. For competitive races, the distance being run is usually 5 kilometers (3.1 miles). Besides running or walking, some races allow participants to run, push young children in strollers, and even walk with their pets on a leash. Races are almost always held outdoors and on paved roads. To prevent participants from getting lost or confused on race day, maps highlighting the racing path may be created.


Usually an ovarian cancer walk is a one-day event day that includes various events attached to the walk. Educational booths or displays, for instance, are often set up to help spread awareness of the warning signs and symptoms of ovarian cancers. Speeches and musical performances can also be incorporated into the event. Additionally, raffles or auctions may be held, prizes may be given out to top race finishers, and photos are generally taken in order to chronicle the day. For kids, a free short walk might be given prior to the start of the regular race.

Most ovarian cancer walks are annual events, and pre-registration is open weeks or sometimes months in advance. Every individual who participates in the ovarian cancer walk will generally pay a registration fee. This basic fee may cover the cost of a T-shirt worn during the race, refreshments, and an informational packet given prior to the start of the race.

For some walking events, individuals can participate in racing teams with their coworkers, family members, and friends. Usually, those who participate in an ovarian cancer walk team raise additional funds through pledges and donations. Corporations, for instance, often have programs in place to match the charitable contributions made by their employees. Participating on a team also allows team members to bond, encourages healthy competition, and usually increases the amount of money that ends up being raised to treat ovarian cancer.

Ovarian cancer walks are usually covered by the media and function as a way to increase community awareness about the disease and direct more funds toward research. For survivors and those who have lost someone to the disease, these walks offer a chance to show support for one another. The money raised in an ovarian cancer walk is generally directed toward research programs that work to develop treatments, develop earlier detection methods, and find a cure.



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