What is an Orthopedic Hospital?

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An orthopedic hospital is one that specializes in the treatment of conditions concerning the musculoskeletal system. Most facilities of this type are equipped to handle orthopedic rehabilitation, surgeries and pediatric orthopedics. An orthopedic hospital features doctors who are specialists in this genre of medicine and is usually able to offer more experienced care to individuals with specific musculoskeletal conditions than what could be accessed in a more general hospital setting.

From broken bones to more complex chronic neuro-musculoskeletal disorders and diseases, an orthopedic hospital is able to apply the latest research and medical technologies to treat patients in need. A team of experienced orthopedic doctors is usually on staff at each hospital to treat patients in an outpatient, emergency or inpatient setting. Several cities around the world offer either a private or government-run orthopedic hospital or an orthopedic clinic within the city, and for those that don’t, a nearby orthopedic facility is often accessible.

Some hospitals specialize in pediatric orthopedics. In doing so, these orthopedic hospitals are able to best treat musculoskeletal conditions in young children who are still growing and require special treatment in an attempt to avoid bone deformities. Sometimes, the conditions treated are congenital, while others may be on an emergency basis, such as is often the case in fractured limbs. Often, a parent will take a child to a local general hospital emergency room or doctor first for immediate treatment before being referred to an orthopedic hospital for more focused care.


In order to be examined by certain orthopedic doctors, a referral by a primary care physician is needed. This is particularly true if a general practitioner suspects that orthopedic surgery or orthopedic rehabilitation may be needed to treat or correct a condition. In cases of emergency fractures, however, a referral is not generally needed before seeking services from an orthopedic hospital. Different hospitals and orthopedic doctors vary on the specific procedure for admittance, however.

An orthopedic hospital is also the best place to access care for everything from rare spinal cord syndromes, such as Brown-Sequard syndrome, to sports injuries that require lengthy rehabilitative care. For children, doctors specializing in pediatric orthopedics may also work with other pediatricians and specialists to make sure that a child is getting comprehensive care focused on their specific musculoskeletal condition, as well as any other related or underlying conditions. In fact, many hospitals specializing in orthopedics also keep pediatricians and other specialists on staff precisely for this reason, and so that families aren’t burdened with having to travel to multiple facilities to obtain treatment for a sick or injured child.



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