What is an Online Marketing Strategy?

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Also known as web or Internet marketing strategies, online marketing strategies are marketing approaches that relate to the generation of sales by using online resources. This type of strategy involves the use of many tools common to other forms of marketing, as well as creating and publicizing an online presence that captures the attention of targeted groups of consumers. A business may use an online marketing strategy as the exclusive means of generating sales, or combine the online approach with a traditional marketing campaign.

As with any type of marketing approach, an online marketing strategy begins by assessing the quality and potential of the product line offered for sale. This includes determining how the products compare to lines offered by competitors, identifying the consumer demographics that are most likely to find the products desirable, and which mechanisms will most efficiently reach those consumers. With online marketing efforts, the focus is on determining how to advertise the products on the Internet and achieve the highest degree of visibility possible.


It is not unusual for the online marketing strategy to begin with the establishment of a web site where information about the products is readily accessible. Depending on the nature of the goods or services offered, the site may provide the means to place orders. When that is not feasible, the site often provides contact information that consumers can use to contact sales representatives and explore the possibility of placing an order. The best web sites are attractive, easy to navigate, and provide clear, concise information that the customer can use to make an informed decision.

Along with the quality of the web site, a solid online marketing strategy also calls for creating a web address that is easy to remember, as well as indicative of the types of products offered. Along with this main web address, many businesses also purchase additional web addresses that still relate to the types of products offered, but are more general in nature. Those other web addresses are configured to redirect to the home page of the web site, thus making it possible to show up in a wider range of web searches conducted by potential customers.

Other forms of advertising are also common with any online marketing strategy. The approach may involve purchasing ads that can be placed on web sites that have some relevance to the product lines. Business owners can purchase what is known as PPC or pay-per-click ads, which incur a cost each time someone clicks on the ad and is redirected to the company’s web page. It is also possible to place ads in online magazines that look very much like advertisements in traditional print publications. Many businesses make use of online classified web sites as a means of generating some attention and attracting new customers.

Many small business owners find that blogging is helpful in attracting new clients. This process involves preparing informational articles that contain links to the product pages. When someone visits the blog and is intrigued by the information there, the chances of clicking on one of the links and eventually placing an order are greatly increased.

As with all marketing approaches, there is no one ideal online marketing strategy that works for every type of business. Companies that wish to market their products online normally experiment with different approaches, and evaluate their effectiveness over a period of time. One of the benefits of this type of marketing is that it is relatively inexpensive in comparison to other methods, a factor that is often very appealing to advertisers.



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