What is an Online Instructional Video?

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An online instructional video is a video found on the Internet, often for free, that provides some sort of direction or instruction through demonstration. Instructional videos may range from only a few minutes in length up to an hour or more, ranging from topics such as how to put on makeup, how to dance, how to play a musical instrument, or how to use power tools, among many others. Online instructional videos continue to increase in popularity because they are easy to create, and simple to use.

The simplest type of online instructional video is one that provides quick direction on one easy topic. For example, if one is wondering how to set up a new piece of kitchen equipment or how to play a certain chord on the guitar, one might search for a brief instructional video that demonstrates just that. Once the skill is learned, there is no need to continue watching the instructional video.

There are literally thousands of brief instructional videos on the Web, for any topic under the sun. Most instructional videos of these type last only for a few minutes. They can be found by searching online.


Another type of online instructional video is one that is part of a series. This might be a series on cooking, learning to dance, learning to do yoga, or learning how to play a musical instrument. These online instructional videos are typically longer in length, from 20 minutes to an hour, and provide more in-depth instruction. In addition, as the user progresses, there will be more videos to instruct him or her along the way in mastering new skills.

Some producers of a popular online instructional video series might produce new ones every week, similar to a weekly class. Because they are usually free, using online instructional videos can save a lot of money by avoiding the need to purchase DVDs or other physical media. In addition, an online instructional videos can make a great tools for people who may not otherwise have time to attend a weekly class of any sort, as they can be watched on one's own time.

Sometimes, an online instructional video series may require a small fee, particularly if it is part of a subscription to a Web site. For instance, some weight-loss Web sites may require a small fee to access their content. The Web is full of many high-quality instructional videos that may be found by searching online, browsing favorite Web sites, or asking a friend for a recommendation.



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