What is an Oil Conditioner?

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An oil conditioner is hair conditioner that has an oil base. Common types of oils used in these conditioners include olive oil, avocado oil, and jojoba oil. They are a great alternative to traditional, chemical-based conditioners that can further dry out the hair and scalp.

An oil conditioner is used just like any other type of hair conditioner. Shampoo the hair first and make sure it is thoroughly cleaned, rinsing and repeating as needed. After shampooing, apply a generous amount of the conditioner, starting at the roots and working down to the ends of the hair. Be sure to spread the conditioner over all the hair for best results. Let the conditioner sit in hair for about seven to 10 minutes and rinse thoroughly.

People have been using natural oils found in their pantries to moisturize hair for quite some time. An oil conditioner is a great alternative for people with sensitive skin and hair because it doesn't usually contain any chemicals that most other commercial conditioners are made from. Some scalp conditions can actually be made worse by the common chemicals found in shampoo and conditioners, and oil-based conditioners have provided a soothing alternative.


Oil conditioner is great for treating dull, dry hair. The oil is a natural ingredient that is incredibly effective in moisturizing hair. Properly moisturized hair prevents the hair from drying out and breaking, including split ends. Everyday exposure to chemicals and pollutants in the air and even the water used to wash hair can dry out the hair. Regular moisturizing with natural oils is a great way to defend against dryness.

Oil conditioner can also moisturize dry, flaky scalp problems in addition to moisturizing hair. The same problems that cause dry hair can also lead to dryness and embarrassing, flaky scalp. Pollutants in the air and chemicals in soap and shampoo can be devastating to some sensitive scalps. Oils have the unique capacity to penetrate deeply into the scalp, healing the dry and irritated skin.

The versatility of oil conditioners is one of the major appeals for most consumers. An oil conditioner can be used daily for people whose hair tends to dry out very easily, providing a constant replenishing of moisture. People who have some dryness or generally healthy hair can also benefit from oil-based conditioners. It is a good idea to use this type of conditioner once a week or even once a month as a part of a deep moisturizing routine. This can help enhance the health of a person's hair or scalp for a long time to come.



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