What is an Interior Design Group?

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An interior design group is a company that provides design services ranging from commercial and residential projects to planning décor and lighting. These groups have interior designers, architects, and construction crews who go into a house or company to work on interior features. Some services an interior design company provides are floor plan evaluations, furniture arrangement and artwork selection.

When a homeowner retains an interior design group, the interior design company will send a representative to the person’s home to look at the inside of the residence. At the consultation, the designer will make suggestions to improve the home, including color, layout and accessories. The designer then presents the client with a plan that will demonstrate what the finished rooms will look like including trim and lighting. If the designer and the client agree on a plan, the designer will bring a crew to the home to start work.

Corporations also use an interior design group for help with commercial projects such as redesigning office space or making a signature building. Often, companies move from one office location to another or may decide to renovate the existing location. The interior design group will send a team consisting of a designer, decorator and commercial architect to the client's office for a jobsite consultation. The team will help the company with needs such as floor plans, cubicles and audio-visual design.


One of the tasks an interior design group performs is furniture and fabric selection. The designer and client pick out furniture based on the customer’s tastes. In addition to finding fabric, the client may wish to have custom-designed furniture or curtains for a special room. Some interior decorators do all the sewing while others may hire a tailor for sewing and alterations.

People may also use an interior design group for assistance in planning events or hosting conferences. Large-scale events often need specific furnishings and equipment as well as audio and visual instruments. Depending on the type of event, the decorator or architect may need to have inside décor such as runways, booths and hospitality facilities. Corporations often use an interior design company for seasonal and holiday installations.

Associates with an interior design group offen have an advanced degree in art, design or architectural services. Designers are skilled in aesthetic and structural design as well as creative development. Most architects who work for an interior design group have experience with commercial and residential building projects and contemporary architecture trends.



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