What is an Immunization Alert?

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The immunization alert system is a program that originated within the sate of Oregon. This program includes a statewide database that lists information regarding immunization shots. If a person has been immunized against measles, mumps, or any other kind of disease, these details are automatically entered into the immunization alert database.

Other states within the United States have programs that are similar to the immunization alert program. The aim of all these programs is to prevent a person from having more than one immunization shot. Not only can it be dangerous for a person to receive the same shot twice, but certain shots can cause health problems if mixed.

Programs of this nature are electronic, and this fact causes some concern within the medical community. Many medical doctors feel as though electronic medical databases of this nature are not precise enough. At the time of this writing, numerous states were still in the process of switching paper files to electronic files, and this process will likely take many years to complete.

Any information that has been entered into an electronic program, including the immunization alert program, can be accessed by individuals. In addition, medical doctors and insurance companies have access to this information. In many states, child immunization information is automatically entered into an electric database in order to prevent providing a child with an excessive amount of medication.


In all instances, electronic medical databases are secure and private. Individuals cannot access this kind of information without speaking with a medical doctor or insurance company, and professionals cannot access this information without speaking with a patient. Still, many are concerned that electronic databases are not secure enough.

Oregon's immunization alert program was also erected in order to help those who need immunization most. Through accessing this information, health insurance companies and government health agents can determine who needs important immunization medication. This program has been working effectively for some time now, and most people are positively affected by this electronic system.

In many instances, insurance companies heavily rely on electronic health records. When an insurance company requires proof of immunization, this information can be accessed quickly through an electronic database. Even though many states do not have systems such as the one in Oregon, many believe that electronic medical records will be available throughout the United States within the near future. Other countries around the world are also beginning to store medical data electronically.



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