What is an Immigration Service?

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An immigration service provides legal services and other immigration help to individuals who need assistance with relocation to another country or to avoid deportation. Refugees, individuals seeking political asylum, and others seeking help from an immigration service often lack the knowledge of the immigration laws that affect their status, or they face language barrier challenges. Different organizations, companies, and individuals offer immigration services that may or may not include law firms. Regional and national government agencies also receive funding to provide immigration advice to residents in need of documentation or counsel on immigration matters. Many immigration services also provide assistance to individuals relocating to a country to work, which may include processing the paperwork that is necessary to receive a worker’s permit.


There is often a signification amount of paperwork required to submit to a government immigration agency, and it can be challenging to individuals who are new to a country or lack understanding of that country’s legal immigration requirements. An immigration service exists to make the process easier so that individuals can obtain the documents and identification to live, work, and travel in a country that is not their original country of origin. Some of the documents needed include applications for citizenship or permanent residency, work permits, and visa and passport applications. Many services also employ immigration attorneys in order to provide legal advice or oversee the delivery of legal services to clients. For example, an immigration attorney may represent individuals who need to appeal a decision that resulted in a ruling of deportation.

Immigration interviews are often a necessary aspect of the immigration process, and it is often the next step after an application is submitted. An immigration service can assist by helping individuals prepare for interviews ahead of time, as well as explain the process in order to reduce the stress of not knowing what to expect. For example, a wife seeking citizenship in the United States will often be interviewed by an immigration official together with her husband, and sometimes separately. A representative from an immigration service can accompany both the husband and wife and accompany the wife if they are separated. Many representatives also prepare interview questions for petitioners to practice prior to the interview, critique the response, and provide advice to increase the chances of getting an application approved.

Individuals who prefer a do-it-yourself approach can use an online immigration service to complete their applications. These websites use software programs that provide a step-by-step process and guidance for filling out and submitting various immigration applications. These services also provide customer support for users who need assistance with the online service.



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