What is an Identity Theft Resource Center?

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An Identity Theft Resource Center is a non-profit resource center for those who have been the victims of identity theft or identity fraud. Identity theft or fraud occurs when someone gains personal information about another person, and uses it to pose as that person in order to buy goods, secure credit, or otherwise capitalize off of their identity. The Identity Theft Resource Center helps individuals try to limit their liability from this kind of crime.

Although many people might refer to various local help centers as an “identity theft resource center” the term is generally used for a specific non-profit with a large domestic presence. The ITRC was originally called VOICES ( Victims of Crimes Extended Services), and changed to the Identity Theft Resource Center in 2000. The ITRC has funded research into identity theft and helped many victims deal with the consequences of this fraudulent activity.


When identity theft happens, victims may not know about it for a long time. Most commonly, identity theft affects the credit rating of the victim, and straightening out the consequences of this activity can be extremely difficult. The victim may face unforeseen obstacles from credit rating companies and other offices that fail to understand the details of a specific case. Erasing the black marks on an individual credit record after identity theft can take years. Groups like the Identity Theft Resource Center can help make some of that hard work a little easier with information on effective practices, and other assistance for individual victims.

The ITRC has been able to secure some impressive sponsorship in its efforts to help people deal with identity theft. One of these is Choicepoint, a company that holds personal data on individuals from public and private databases. Through ongoing collaborations with companies like these, the Identity Theft Resource Center provides more for those who are negatively impacted when someone steals their personal information and their identity.

The Identity Theft Resource Center publishes a lot of content on identity theft, and also helps provide training programs related to this type of crime. The group also participates in forums and other educational opportunities around ID theft and fraud. Identity theft victims can get quick information about the services that this group provides on the web site, where electronic tools help to offer expeditious and effective handling of identity theft issues. Other identity theft resource centers will have a lot of these same services available to the public.



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