What is an Herbal Colon Cleanse?

An herbal colon cleanse is the process of cleaning the interior of the colon with the use of natural substances, normally herbs and spices. The colon cleanser may be in liquid form, a paste, or capsules. Commercial products that can be used in a natural colon cleanse are often found in health food stores. In addition, it is possible to prepare colon cleansers at home use any number of different recipes.

There are a few basic herbs that are normally found in any type of homemade or commercial colonic cleanse product. Psyllium is an organic product that is usually ground into a powder. Because psyllium gains a great deal of bulk when introduced to liquids, it can help to dislodge any matter that has adhered to the wall of the colon aid in removing the waste product through defecation. Fennel has similar properties and is sometimes used instead of or along with psyllium.

Barberry is also found in many herbal colon cleanse products and home recipes. Because of the ability of barberry to stimulate activity in the liver and gall bladder, they help to cleanse those two organs while also working with other ingredients to cleanse the colon.

Garlic and cayenne pepper are typically added to an herbal colon cleanse product because of the their ability to deal with bacteria trapped in the colon. In addition, they help to stimulate bowel movements while also minimizing the incidence of gas. Cayenne pepper is also considered to be one of the most important herbs, due to the wide variety of vitamins and nutrients found in the pepper.

Other herbs are often added to the herbal colon cleanse recipe as a means of providing nutrition to the body while also helping to cleanse the interior of the colon. For example, ginger is an excellent source of potassium and has moderate amounts of Vitamins A, C, and B-Complex. This herb can also help enhance the function of the bayberry by encouraging the elimination of waste without triggering a bout of diarrhea.

Some recipes for an herbal colon cleanse product will also includes herbs such as flaxseed, alfalfa, aloe vera, wheat grass and red clover. The choice of recipe sometimes has to do with the amount of time since the last colon cleanse took place. Age and general health may also impact the range of ingredients that should be used as part of an herbal colon cleanse.

In general, it is a good idea to talk with a homeopathic physician or herbalist before deciding to make use of any herbal colon cleanse recipe or product. These alternative healthcare professionals can help you determine what herbs to include in the cleanser and also provide information on what to expect in the way of results.


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