What is an Eviction Service?

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In an eviction, a landlord asks a judge to order a tenant to permanently leave his or her residence so that the landlord once again has full control over the premises. Landlords who are concerned about the time and expense of evicting a tenant might hire a tenant eviction service to oversee and facilitate the process. An eviction service specializes in educating landlords about evictions and assisting the landlord with legalities. It may have its own lawyer on staff, as well as process servers who can serve documents on tenants, and may also operate as a collection agency that can help a landlord collect any monetary judgment owed by a tenant.

Landlords will hire an eviction service for many reasons, often because the landlord is inexperienced in handling evictions. Evictions can be complex and require many steps to complete. One mistake on the part of the landlord can result in the case being thrown out of court. If the case is dismissed, the landlord has to go through the process all over again. During this confrontation, the tenant is likely not paying rent and the landlord continues to lose money. The owners and employees of a professional eviction service know the law in the area and are experienced in managing evictions. By doing the eviction properly, the service minimizes the loss of the landlord's money and time.

The work done by an eviction service will vary according to both the law and the landlord's needs. It advises a landlord about the grounds for eviction and the procedure that the landlord must follow for the eviction to be valid. It can also select, prepare, and serve the legal forms appropriate to the eviction case. If a landlord is confronted with special circumstances, such as a tenant who abandons the property but leaves his belongings behind or a tenant who files bankruptcy, the service can advise the landlord on what to do.

Once the case goes to court, the eviction service's attorney can accompany the landlord to the courtroom and argue the landlord's case. If the landlord wins the case, the eviction service can help the landlord to enforce the eviction ruling and eventually collect any back rent or payment due to repair damages. If the case is delayed or the landlord loses his case, the eviction service can help the landlord make decisions about next steps.


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