What is an Ergonomic Stand?

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Ergonomic stands are useful devices designed for use with laptop computers. The stand helps to adjust the angle of the device so that the keyboard can be used without placing excess strain on the hands. In addition, many designs for ergonomic stands include cooling fans that help to keep the computer cool during prolonged periods of use.

Using an ergonomic stand provides several benefits. First, it is possible to adjust the slant of the keyboard so that less stress is placed on the fingers, palms, and muscle structure of the hands. Most brands of the workstand make it possible to adjust the angle to several different levels. This means that the laptop can be used comfortably at a desk, while traveling on a plane or train, and even when relaxing by the pool.

In addition to the adjustable angle for the keyboard, an ergonomic stand usually includes a swivel feature that makes it possible to rotate the laptop with ease. This can be very helpful when moving the computer back and forth between two people, or when adjusting the position of the laptop to compensate for a change in the amount of direct light focused on the screen. Some brands will allow a complete rotation of the laptop while on the stand, while others will simply allow the laptop to be swiveled in a semicircular pattern.


Using an ergonomic stand with a laptop is also beneficial to the operation of the computer for longer periods of time. The design of the stand makes it possible to increase the air flow around the laptop, which in turn helps to dissipate the heat generated while the laptop is running. Some brands of the ergonomic stand include a separate cooler fan that will further assist in the task of cooling the computer. The external fan can be plugged into a USB jack on the laptop and operate with the use of a battery or wall current.

The typical ergonomic stand has a thin construction and weighs very little. It is possible to place the stand in most standard computer bags along with the laptop and other necessary accessories. While the stands were somewhat expensive a few years ago, the price has decreased considerably. Today it is possible to purchase a quality ergonomic stand for little more than a quality USB cable. The stands can be purchased at most office supply stores as well as computer shops. Most of the stands sold today will accommodate any size laptop, including the newer notebooks constructed with smaller screens.



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