What Is an Entrepreneur Network?

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An entrepreneur network describes a group of entrepreneurs, who have come together to share resources and generally support one another. The internet has provided a new way for entrepreneurs to connect to one another through blogs and forums, where they can ask other experienced business people advice and ideas for solving problems. These networks are also a great source of client referrals, and can help the struggling entrepreneur struggling outsource some of the services that are holding him or her back.

The internet has revolutionized the entrepreneur network, and networking in general, for that matter. Networking has been around much longer than the internet, but it used to be much more difficult to connect to a new group of people. Now it is as simple as an internet search, and dozens of entrepreneur forums, blogs, and podcasts are a mouse click away.

An entrepreneur network is a great place for new and experienced entrepreneurs alike, to ask questions and share ideas. Someone who is brand new to entrepreneurship can find a mentor, or group of mentors, to help with all of the doubts and questions that come along with starting a new business. Every entrepreneur in the network started from scratch, so they are a great source of information on how to get past the early bumps in the road of entrepreneurship.


One great aspect of an entrepreneur network is that they usually consist of many different experience levels. New entrepreneurs are not the only people who can benefit from the wealth of knowledge provided by a network of entrepreneurs. Due to the large number of people in any given network, one is bound to find someone who has come across a similar problem that he or she is currently facing. The benefits of networking come down to the age old saying that two heads are better than one, but with the help of modern technology, the knowledge and experience of hundreds of heads are at one's disposal.

Another highly valuable aspect of the entrepreneur network is the potential for client referrals. Most entrepreneurs are constantly looking for new clients to grow their business, and word of mouth has stood the test of time as the most valuable and reliable client referral method. As a part of a network, an entrepreneur is adding dozens, if not more, possibilities for referral. An entrepreneur could actually meet several new clients within the network when it is not business type specific.

Just as an entrepreneur network can be used to find new clients, it can also be used to find new services. First time entrepreneurs often try to handle every aspect of their business, which can sometimes significantly slow down its growth. Everyone has unique strengths and weaknesses, and sometimes the smart thing an entrepreneur can do is admit when he or she needs help. Entrepreneur networks are a great place to discuss these set backs and find people who can help.



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