What is an Employer Database?

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An employer database is a collection of information about companies that provide jobs. Usually, those listed in the database are within a certain area. The information that is provided about those businesses can include industry, contact details, and whether they are publicly or privately owned.

A database can be considered an electronic storage receptacle. It can contain a wide variety of information and it can accommodate various ways to search, review, and organize that information. With an employer database, the type of information that is made available is the names of employers and information about them.

An employer database is usually considered a workforce development tool. It can be an effective aid for those who are seeking employment. It can also be used to assess other information, such as how saturated an industry is in a certain location. Without these tools, it is unlikely that individuals would have access to the same collection of information that could be accessed in a comparable way.

One of the benefits of such a database is that information can be accessed very quickly according to personal preferences. Another benefit of an employer database is that information can be eliminated or retrieved using numerous personal preferences. Every user who finds employer information helpful will not want to access it in the same way.


Someone may, for example, want to search for an employer with location being the main point of focus. The employer database could allow this individual to find all of the employers in the desired location. If she wanted to further narrow her search by industry, she would likely have the capability to do so. On the contrary, another person may want to search through the same information while focusing on company size.

The list of businesses included in an employer database are usually within a certain area. Some have a vast focus, such as an entire nation. Others can be focused on a smaller territory, such as a city. These databases can be maintained by public or private organizations. The United States (US) Department of Labor, for example, designed an employer database which it claims is the gateway to every US employer.

Such a database may, however, be maintained on a basis other than location. Some are a collection of businesses within a certain industry or trade. In any case, these electronic storage receptacles can contain information including the description of a business, the size of a business, and their status as public or private. The contact information included in the database will normally include physical, postal, and online details.



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