What is an Electronic Level?

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A standard level is a tool used to test and ensure that a horizontal or vertical surface is aligned and even, or level. Levels can be made from different materials, such as wood or aluminum, and are available in different sizes. A standard level utilizes small vials, which contain bubbles, at each end and one in the middle. The bubble should rest at the center of the vial if the surface is level. An electronic level is a step up from a standard level.

Different types of levels are frequently used for a varying degree of projects, from major construction to do-it-yourself home projects. This can include everything from pouring a foundation to hanging a picture, and much more. An electronic level offers a great deal of convenience, making it preferable for many over the typical aluminum or wooden leveling tool commonly used in the past.

There are many sizes, designs, features, and brands of electronic levels from which to choose. These can be for commercial or residential use. A precision electronic level also tends to be so accurate that it may even be guaranteed. An electronic level may be used to test a standard level for accuracy.


An electronic level can offer a digital readout, which is obviously more convenient and more accurate than trying to “eyeball” the bubble in the vial type. There is less chance for human error with digital readout. Fewer mistakes can equate to less time spent on the job as well as less expense.

Another type of electronic level offers sound, an audible signal that is given when the surface is level. The audible response provided by an electronic level transmitter is especially helpful for leveling hard to reach, hard to see places, where one may not be able to easily look at a readout or a bubble. This is a very handy feature, which can also help avoid not only mistaken readings but may also help prevent discomfort or injury.

Another great feature one can find in an electronic level is internal memory, which offers the ability to save leveling and other measurement information. Some electronic levels allow the information to be temporarily saved and later transferred to a larger database. Others allow complete reports to be created immediately. This feature can also help mitigate human error, as it protects against misprinted numbers, forgotten or lost information, and illegible handwriting.

Some electronic levels offer several features all in one tool. It pays to do some research, and it may also be a good idea to read reviews. Learn about not only the quality of the brand but also the service and whether or not warranties and guarantees are appropriately honored.



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