What is an Electric Lawn Mower?

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An electric lawn mower is one that uses electricity instead of gasoline to power the drive motor. Electric mowers are much different than the traditional gas-powered mower and offer some advantages and disadvantages. There are two basic types of lawn mowers that fall under the electric category: chargeable and corded.

As its name would suggest, a corded electric lawn mower cannot be used other than when connected to an electrical cord. In some cases, this may be ideal where there is a limited area that needs mowed. In other cases, this type of electric lawn mower may be very impractical.

A chargeable, or cordless mower, has the ability to to plugged in and store a charge so that it can be used without the constraints of a cord. In most cases, this type of mower will have limited range as well simply because the mower can only run so far before the battery needs recharged. In some cases, this may be an hour or less. As with all rechargeable batteries, their ability to keep a charge will be diminished over time.

The electric lawn mower option may be very attractive to people for a number of reasons. First, the units have push-button starts, versus the standard pull ropes associated with most gas-powered mowers. Second, the electric lawn mower makes considerably less noise when operating. Third, the unit is lighter, meaning it can be handled easily for those who easily tire.


However, the lawn mowers have some disadvantages as well. The limited battery life may mean it is impossible to cut some lawns on a single charge. The front yard, for example, may have to be cut one day and the back yard the next. Also, most electric lawn mower models do not have the same options for cutting widths as gas varieties, meaning more rows may be needed to cut the same amount of grass.

There are ways to get past the battery life issue, at least with some models. Some manufacturers make the battery removable, so making sure you have two charged batteries on hand at all times will ensure you get through your lawn duties in a single effort. However, not all manufacturers offer removable batteries, so if this is an important feature, make sure you understand what is being offered before you buy.

The other drawback to the electric lawn mower is the cost. While it is possible to get some models for nearly $150 US Dollars (USD), most are considerably more than this. In nearly all cases, a similar gas mower will be cheaper to buy. However, savings will be realized in the fact that there will be no gasoline to buy and the maintenance expenses will be less.



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