What is an Ear Dryer?

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Ear dryers are devices that provide a flow of warm air to the outer ear canal, and help to dry any excess moisture that may be remaining in the canal. Often used by persons who tend to develop earaches and similar health issues, an ear dryer is one of the more effective preventive measures that can offset some sort of problem with the ears. While relatively new on the market, the ear dryer has already found its way into many homes around the world.

The basic philosophy behind the ear dryer is to remove excess moisture from the ear canal before there is the chance for the liquid to travel further into the canal and possible set up an infection or other problem. People who are prone to swimmer’s ear find the device very helpful in minimizing the chances for a problem to develop. Many people prefer this approach to ear health, since it does not involve the introduction of ear drops that in effect surround the moisture and expel it from the canal.

Along with swimmer’s ear sufferers, people who deal with wax buildup may also find some relief with an ear dryer. While the device is not designed to prevent earaches due to excess wax, the warming flow of air can sometimes help to loosen wax before it hardens and sets up an infection. This can make removing excess wax from the ear canal easier, and perhaps speed up the healing process.


Products such as the ear dryer often come with several different hygienic tips. Each tip can be assigned to a different member of the household, which helps to make use of the device by multiple persons more practical. Replacement tips are often available at drugstores and other retail outlets that carry the ear dryer kits and machines at a nominal cost. While most versions of the ear dryer use standard size tips, there are models that utilize customized tips that require replacements from their own particular product line.



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