What Is an Avocado Milkshake?

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An avocado milkshake is a healthy drink wherein the avocado fruit is blended together with milk. Many other ingredients go well in an avocado milkshake as well, which include various sweeteners, fresh fruits, and nuts and seeds. The healthy fats contained in the avocado contribute to a rich, creamy texture in just about any milkshake. Avocado milkshakes are popular in many countries around the world and can be served as a dessert drink or as a snack to combat hunger in between meals. They are a tasty way to obtain healthy fats and other important nutrients.

Avocado trees are grown in many of the warmer regions of the world. They produce an oval-shaped fruit with a rough, pebbly skin that takes on a dark shade as the fruit ripens. The neutral taste of avocados makes them suitable for combining with many other foods and are generally available year round at most grocery stores. Cooking with avocados is rare because the fruit is heat sensitive and tends to lose many of its valuable nutrients during cooking. Therefore, they are generally consumed raw for optimal nutrition.


There are several ways to prepare avocados for the milkshake, such as peeling them or cutting them open and using a spoon to scoop out the flesh. The pit inside the light green flesh can also be removed by scooping it out with a spoon or by taking a knife and gently twisting it out. Once removed, the flesh is then ready for blending into nutrient-rich avocado milkshake.

A variety of ice creams, including chocolate and vanilla, can be added to an avocado milkshake in order to provide more flavor and sweetness. Sugar can also be used as a sweetener, but for a healthier drink, many fruits, including bananas and mangoes, can be added to naturally sweeten the milkshake. Another ingredient that is suitable for an avocado milkshake is coffee, which can help in giving an extra boost of energy in the morning.

Aside from making milkshakes, avocados are also suitable for making a variety of avocado smoothies that do not require milk as a main ingredient. Their versatility makes the fruit suitable for topping leafy green salads, rice dishes, and beans. They can also be mashed up and used as a spread or used as a dip in a guacamole. A healthy addition to any meal, they are beneficial for the overall health of the body, including the heart.



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