What is an Aggressive Growth Fund?

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While some investments are focused on the generation of a stream of steady income, other types of investments focus more on generating long-term capital gains. One example of an investment that is focused on concept of creating long term resources rather than a steady stream of dividend income is the aggressive growth fund. Here are some characteristics of aggressive growth funds that should be taken into consideration.

One of the first things to understand about any aggressive growth fund is that there is an element of risk. The amount of risk is much higher than with investment opportunities that are considered to be relatively safe. Because of this, advisers generally counsel investors to make sure they have a solid financial portfolio before looking into the possibility of adding an aggressive growth fund to their catalog of investments. Placing all resources into the hopes that an aggressive growth fund will pay off in a big way can lead to a lot of disappointment as easily as creating a major financial asset.


Another factor to understand is that the investment in a mutual fund that is structured as an aggressive growth fund carries a lot of potential, in terms of making money over the long haul. Because of the very nature of this sort of activity, the aggressive growth fund will focus on companies that appear to have the potential to make appreciate very rapidly in value. As such, the return will be much higher than on other types of investments that tend to grow slowly, with nothing more than an occasional dip in stock price.

The decision to invest in some sort of aggressive growth fund is not something to be taken lightly. The task requires a healthy investment of finances, and there is no guarantee of any type of return. Any investor who wishes to go with an aggressive growth fund strategy should be prepared for the possibility of not only not making money from the effort, but also losing all resources that were invested in the stock or fund. Depending on the financial status of the individual, many investment professionals may choose to warn their clients of the dangers. At the same time, there is a great deal of money to be made by investing in an aggressive growth fund. The key is choosing the right companies to include in the mutual fund package, and having other resources that are sufficient to handle all other financial matters.



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