What Is Aloe Sunscreen?

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Aloe sunscreen is a protective topical skin lotion that has been infused with aloe vera juice in order to moisturize the skin while blocking possible damage from the sun's harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. Adding aloe vera to sunscreen products is popular because of this natural ingredient's skin-soothing characteristics. Skin-care experts often report that aloe sunscreen limits the chances of sunburn even more than sunscreen that does not contain this botanical additive. Waterproof sunscreen with aloe vera is also frequently recommended for wear during outdoor activities such as swimming, surfing, or boating because it helps to protect sensitive skin from dryness due to salt water, wind, or chlorine.

Traditional uses of aloe vera juice include treatments of mild to moderate burns and rashes. Medical researchers often point out aloe's effectiveness at helping new skin cells form during the natural healing and regeneration processes. Several types of aloe vera skin care products are popular due to these healing properties.


Many brands of aloe sunscreen have a sun protection factor of at least 30, meaning that wearers can remain outside in the sun for up to 30 times longer than it would take for them to become sunburned without applying any protective sunblock lotion. This length of time usually translates into several hours for most people, as the average length of time it takes for the skin to redden can range from 20 to 40 minutes, depending on the amount of pigmentation. Skin dryness is a common problem caused by sun exposure, and aloe vera usually helps replenish this lost moisture. This type of sunscreen is often beneficial for people with light and sensitive skin that is susceptible to irritation.

The use of aloe sunscreen is common for preventing skin damage from UV rays, and some people prefer to use pure aloe vera gel as an alternative to thicker sunscreen creams or lotions. Aloe gel can be purchased in most drug stores or it can be harvested from the insides of ripe aloe plant leaves. People who decide to grow their own aloe plants sometimes make their own aloe sunscreen. This process simply involves slicing open mature leaves and carefully scraping out the aloe gel from the insides. This approach to using aloe sunscreen does afford some degree of sun protection, although it often needs to be reapplied at more frequent intervals than thicker sunblock lotions containing aloe vera.



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