What is ACT&Reg; Prep?

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ACT® prep is preparation that students in the United States undergo for the ACT® test, which is used to measure a student's abilities in the areas of mathematics, reading, English, and science reasoning. The ACT® test, though mostly multiple-choice, also includes an optional writing test. The test is widely used by many colleges in the United States to determine the admissions status of students. As such, ACT® prep tends to be a very important part of the study routines of those students who are working to get into the colleges of their choice.

Students practice different methods of ACT® prep for each section of the ACT® test, as it is important to do well on all parts since colleges receive detailed scores reporting the student's abilities in each section, not just the overall score. The first section of the test is a 45 minute English section testing students' skills with grammar and language. Students usually prepare for this section by reviewing basic rules of English grammar and word usage. The section also tests organization and writing strategy.


The next section of the test is the mathematics section, which includes problems relating to pre-algebra, algebra, geometry, and trigonometry. ACT® prep for the math section usually involves a significant amount of practice. The Internet and various ACT® prep books include a great number of practice math problems. When students encounter problems they don't know how to solve and don't recognize, they consult teachers or study materials to improve their skills on that kind of problem.

Reading is the next section of the ACT® test, and is comprised of several different selections that students are expected to analyze and interpret. Again, most students find that practice is the best method of ACT® prep for this section of the test. Students who read frequently seldom find this section to be particularly difficult, but others find the tight, 35 minute time limit to be rather short. They often seek test-taking strategies, such as reading the questions first and marking the parts of the passages they refer to, to save them time.

The final section of the ACT® test is the science reasoning test, which tests students logic, comprehension skills, and data interpretation. ACT® prep for this section usually involves gaining basic familiarity with scientific terms and methods. While such knowledge is not necessary to comprehend the questions, it often saves students from much re-reading of questions.

ACT® prep for the optional writing section is similar to preparation for both the English and reading sections. Understanding grammar and practicing are the two best ways to prepare. The most important focus of the writing test is being able to effectively and efficiently communicate ideas in response to the writing prompt.



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