What is Acrylic Stucco?

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Acrylic stucco is a product designed to adhere to the exterior of all types of materials used in construction, and may be used in place of other external finishing products such as brick, stone, and vinyl or aluminum siding. These products are normally a blend of acrylics known for their durability, texture, and their ability to breathe and move with the substrate layer of the structure. There are several advantages associated with the use acrylic stucco, and it is suited for use in most climates and regions. The consumer may also choose from a wide variety of colors and techniques available to create a customized appearance for their home or building.

One of the advantages of acrylic stucco application is its versatility. These types of stucco can be applied successfully to just about any type of material commonly used on the outside of buildings. Stucco can be applied to concrete, wood, and metal structures with no difficulty. It may also be used to finish wood buildings and those containing any number of composite materials with excellent results. This stucco type is considered ideal for covering and protecting an enormous assortment of common building materials for several years with little maintenance.


Another popular aspect of acrylic stucco is its durability and low maintenance requirements. The stucco products containing acrylic materials is designed to breath or move with the tiny, nearly imperceptible changes and shifts that occur in any dwelling during the normal settling and shifting of the ground. It was common for cracks to develop with older stucco products, resulting in more frequent applications and repairs. The newer acrylic options also have added UV protection chemicals, limiting damage from sunlight and other environmental hazards.

Many homeowners choose this type of stucco because it is available in a vast variety of colors and textures. During application, the homeowner can request certain techniques be used to create unique textures and designs in the stucco. It can be applied in a variety of textures including an almost flat, drywall like finish or applied with huge swoops and peaks similar to the American Southwestern style.

Application of acrylic stucco must be done in a specific manner to ensure proper adhesion to the surface of the wall. It is important for the walls to be clean of any dirt, paint, or corrosion that could impede the chemical compounds from sticking properly. Most home improvement experts recommend cleaning the surface with a high pressure water hose to remove lingering debris. Once dry, the stucco can be applied with a towel or paint sprayer.



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