What is Accident Management?

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Accident management refers to the work of a centralized company that assists drivers following a vehicle accident. These companies are frequently used by groups that operate vehicle fleets, such as taxi companies, police forces, or car rental businesses. Accident management groups provide a wide range of services for customers, including roadside assistance, replacement vehicle services, and courtesy transportation to body shops.

Just as some private auto insurance companies offer accident assistance services, accident management firms try to provide the same services for businesses with multiple vehicles. When a person is driving a company-owned vehicle, he or she can usually not rely on personal insurance to cover accident assistance. Businesses that use accident management firms frequently rely on their vehicle fleet to provide most of their work, making it an important company asset. By finding a management company that provides comprehensive accident services, downtime can be minimized for any particular vehicle in the fleet.

Accident management companies generally have a large network of associated businesses, such as garages or towing companies, with whom they strike equitable deals for service. This means that the management company can have a wide range by partnering with service providers scattered throughout the coverage area. Having multiple partners throughout the vehicle service industry can also provide peace of mind to customers who have just had an accident: instead of having to call a tow truck, a car garage, and roadside assistance, the frazzled driver can simply call one central location and request needed services.

There are many different types of businesses that can benefit from accident management policies. Presumably, any company with at least one car may be able to find acceptable packages. Companies with multiple cars, however, may derive more benefits in the long run from a comprehensive accident management package. Limousine companies and bus fleets are common customers of this type of business, but so too are municipal, state, and federal governments.

It is important to note that most accident management groups are not insurers. They may, however, be able to liaise with insurance companies following an accident. Some accident management groups also provide services for private motorists as well as businesses, which can be beneficial in some cases. Instead of requiring a motorist to pay for repairs and wait for an insurance refund, those with management services often are allowed to charge repairs to the management company, then allow the company to fight with the insurance group for refunds.


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