What is a Work Placement?

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A work placement is typically a type of work or job in which the particular position a person acquires is found for him or her by another person or agency. This is in contrast to positions in which a person finds a company that needs workers, applies for work, and is eventually hired only through his or her own efforts. Work placements can be advantageous for those individuals who may not have the time or ability to easily find work for themselves. A work placement is often arranged for someone in college or looking for volunteer work.

There are a number of ways in which a person can find work placement, though the method used will often depend on someone’s situation. One of the most common types of work placement is one found for someone in school, such as a student at a college or university. These positions are often found by advisers at the school who assist students with finding work that will accommodate students and their schedules. Many of these positions are found around a college campus, and are often referred to as “work study” positions.


Volunteer work placement is also a common type of position found by those interested in performing volunteer work. Many people who wish to volunteer may not know how to contact agencies in need of volunteers, such as nonprofit organizations and charities. Work placement agencies can often assist individuals interested in volunteering, by helping them contact organizations in need of volunteers. These opportunities are often more advantageous than those found by directly contacting individual charities or companies, since the placement agency may have more contacts and may more easily find work that complements the particular skills and abilities of a person.

There are also work placement agencies that help people find temporary work or non-contractual work. These companies are often referred to as temporary or “temp” agencies, and they typically work with other companies that are in need of temporary workers. The temp agency will interview potential workers and evaluate the skills and abilities such individuals have; this allows such agencies to better match a worker with a company. These agencies often receive financial compensation for providing temporary workers to companies, including bonuses for employees hired on full time, which encourages such agencies to ensure quality work placement for both applicants and companies.



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