What is a Window Alarm?

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A window alarm is a piece of equipment that is often used as a part of a home security system. Most home security systems focus on making sure that all possible entrances to a home, including side doors and windows, are monitored. It is most common for a window alarm to come in two parts: one part that fits on the window itself and one part that fits on the sash. When the window is closed, the two pieces are parallel. When the window opens, the window alarm registers the fact that its two parallel pieces have been separated and, if the alarm has been set, the alarm will sound.

In most cases, a window alarm is installed on every window on the ground level of the house, including any windows that are low to the ground that allow for access into the basement. A window alarm may also be added to windows on upper levels of the house if it is possible for those windows to be accessed by a fire escape or sloping roof. Some people choose to have a window alarm installed on every window in the house, no matter how difficult it might be to access those windows from the outside.


It is important to be able to disarm a window alarm, especially during times of the year when it is comfortable to have air from the outside circulating through the house. For example, if a family decides to do some spring cleaning in the month of April, they might want to have the windows open for a few days to circulate fresh air through the house. This would be impossible if the window alarm system could not be disarmed from the inside.

In addition to serving as part of security systems for homes, window alarms are also used for professional buildings and commercial buildings. This is especially true for commercial buildings that house valuable products such as jewelry, antiques, high-end clothing, or expensive electronics. In these cases, window alarms may be able to detect the windows being opened or the windows being broken. These kinds of alarms are often a bit more advanced in terms of the technology that is used to make them work than a basic home window alarm. There is also usually a significant price difference. A home window alarm can usually be purchased for around $10 USD (US Dollars).



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