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A Windbrella™ is an umbrella specifically designed to resist inversion, a frequent problem for umbrellas in strong wind. The Windbrella Products Corporation sells umbrellas primarily in the United States and United Kingdom, in a variety of models designed for various situations. The double canopy construction of the umbrella helps to prevent it from turning inside out, and the umbrella also uses other sturdy, high quality components to make it durable and long lasting.

Umbrellas and wind have had a conflicted relationship for a long time. The design of an umbrella is focused on preventing the person standing under it from getting wet. Unfortunately, the large canopy of an umbrella also creates a large sail which can blow inside out. This problem is compounded in heavy weather, or when a company makes umbrella ribs from flimsy materials. A Windbrella™ addresses the conditions which umbrellas are taken out in, and tries to keep its user from getting a sudden drenching.

The double canopy is the primary feature of a Windbrella™. A lower canopy made of mesh with a reinforced center section allows wind to pass through the umbrella, rather than pushing against it. The mesh decreases the strength of the wind so that when it hits the solid upper canopy, it deflects rather than pulling it inside out. The Windbrella™ design also uses strong, flexible ribs for the umbrella as well as a sturdy umbrella handle with a large area for gripping.


The standard Windbrella™ design is oversized, allowing two individuals to fit under it reasonably comfortably. The company also manufactures patio umbrellas and umbrellas which are specially treated to be resistant to ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun. On a windy sunny day, these UV resistant umbrellas can prevent sunburns while creating a shady area to sit, walk, or stand in. Like other luxury products, the Windbrella™ is somewhat more expensive than a conventional umbrella or parasol. Consumers can decide for themselves whether or not the additional cost is worth it.

In rainy weather, having an umbrella suddenly invert and drench you can be irritating and traumatizing, especially if you are carrying fragile items or important papers. It can also be potentially dangerous, especially if you have a compromised immune system, as the wetness and chill can lead to a cold. Protection from UV is also very important, as prolonged exposure can lead to skin cancers. One Windbrella™ can serve both purposes, acting as an umbrella and a parasol.



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