What Is a Wilderness Resort?

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People who are looking for relaxation in a secluded environment may want to stay at a wilderness resort. This type of vacationing is done in many areas throughout the world. Accommodations range from primitive cabins to fully furnished hotels rooms, and some resort towns may have spa facilities as well. The type of recreation offered by one of these vacations is often adventurous, and may include hunting big game, kayaking, mountain climbing, boating, fishing, and viewing wildlife.

A wilderness resort is often located some distance from other towns. This often means that people must arrive via boat or airplane, and in some locations they may hike in as well. If guests are able to drive to the resort, they may need a four-wheel drive vehicle in order to do so. Since resort towns are often very secluded, many do not have telephone, cable television, or Internet service. Others are completely primitive, and may have a central water supply but no electricity.

There is a wide variety of accommodations at a wilderness resort, ranging from tent-like houses, known as yurts, to hotel rooms. People may also bring their own recreational vehicle (RV) with them, provided they are able to drive in. Other vacation spots may have primitive tent camping areas or rustic cabins for people to stay in. Many accommodations have either a wood stove or a fireplace even if they also have electricity. Some may have a central shower facility, while others have private bathrooms.


Vacationing at a wilderness resort typically includes plenty of outdoor recreation. Some resorts are built around a central theme, such as hunting big game or extended mountain biking, while others are best for relaxation. Those that offer high adventure sometimes include a guide, especially for activities such as snowshoeing, snowmobiling, hunting, fishing, or mountain climbing. There are also activities for those who are less adventurous, such as boating, swimming, picnicking, and bird watching.

People of all ages can enjoy staying at a wilderness resort, and they often cater to families or large groups, such as scouting clubs. The cost of one of these vacations can vary based upon the type of accommodations, length of stay, and the activities that are offered. There are many different packages available for tourists, so finding one to fit their budget and interests can be easy to do.



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