What is a Whole House Water Softener?

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A whole house water softener is a machine that filters and treats water and returns it to a home water system. Water softening systems can be set up to treat both well water and municipal water supplies. The appeal of a whole house water softener is that all of the sources of water within a home are treated, including the restrooms and laundry facilities. Furthermore, a whole house water softener is usually portable, allowing the owner to remove it and reinstall the system at another location.

Though water from a municipal system is safe and clean, many residents do not like the smell, taste, or feel of the water that is delivered to their home. Some people are sensitive to the chlorine that is used to clean the municipal water supply, and prefer to have the chemical removed. A whole house water softener acts as a filter, removing the chlorine, and can also add nutrients to the water system.

Water softeners are also used to eliminate hard water, which occurs when there is a high amount of magnesium and calcium in the water. Hard water is a concern of many people as it can leave a residue on skin, appliances, and even vehicles when they are washed at home. This residue can be difficult to clean, and can even damage certain surfaces, so many people opt to filter the water and avoid any issues it might cause.


Consumers who purchase bottled water or faucet filters can find a whole house water softener to be a convenient alternative. The whole house system can cut back on the purchase of water bottles, filters, and the task of dealing with and installing these products. Whole house softeners can also reduce the amount of waste produced by plastic bottles, and some people consider this to be an environmentally friendly choice as opposed to the repeated purchase of smaller water bottles and filters.

People who struggle with lifting and installing water bottles and filters might find a whole house water softener to be the solution they are looking for. This is also true for those who have had problems with mineral build up in pipes, heaters, and other appliances. The purchase of a whole hose water softener may save a household time and money, depending upon its situation and needs.

Whole house water softeners are available for purchase from many different companies, and because of this some things should be considered. The water softener should include a warranty, and the purchaser should be aware of any parts and maintenance that might be required during the life of the product. The buyer should also ask about and consider the cost of any possible repairs that might be needed for the system.



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