What is a Whole House Electronic Air Cleaner?

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A whole house electronic air cleaner is a system that filters, cleans and otherwise frees the air of pollutants and allergens. These devices typically filter air throughout an entire home and often can be found in specialized units located within the HVAC system. There are various benefits to using these devices, the main one being that they can clean the air in larger areas than more traditional portable units.

Some whole house electronic air cleaner systems use filters. These act to trap and hold airborne allergens, pollutants, and even microorganisms. The contaminants that a system can capture depends on the type of filter being used, with smaller and more advanced filters costing much more than ones that allow some microscopic elements to pass through.

The type of filter chosen will be dictated by the needs of the buyer. For someone who simply wants cleaner, fresher, air throughout the home, a standard model would be appropriate. Someone who has severe allergies, lung disorders or other breathing limitations maybe benefit more from an advanced filtration system.

There are whole house electronic air cleaner systems that also feature humidifiers that run with the system. These devices help to maintain a consistent level of humidity through the home and alleviate some allergy symptoms like dry eyes and sinuses. It is important to change the water in these units frequently to prevent mold accumulation.


If the home being filtered is especially large or in an allergen-prone area, it is especially important to change filters often. Filters should be checked every few days to ensure that dust and dirt have not collected to the point of inhibited performance. To supplement the effectiveness of a whole house electronic air cleaner, portable units can be purchased separately.

Purchasing a whole house electronic air cleaner can be a large investment. To ensure the best quality system is purchased for the price, it’s a good idea to research various types of electronic filtration systems online or by speaking with a local provider. There may be various kinds of filters available, as well as modern systems which implement ultraviolet light or negative ions to clean the air. Each option has its own benefits and pitfalls, so learning about each of them will help consumers make smarter buying decisions.

Ask for warranty information along with recommendations for air testing procedures. Anyone with an illness or very severe allergies should do routine air tests in their homes to ensure that air quality is improving with the use of the air cleaner. If after several days of use there is no change, the manufacturer should be contacted for more information on refunds, repairs, or ways to improve effectiveness.



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