What is a Wheelchair Scale?

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A wheelchair scale is a device that is used to measure the weight of a person while he is sitting in a wheelchair. This type of scale can also be used to weigh people who are not able to step up onto a regular scale. The device gives precise, accurate readings of a person’s weight, either with a medical beam type of measurement or a digital readout. These scales often prove to be very useful in doctor’s offices, nursing homes, retirement homes, and even in a patient’s home.

The comfort and convenience that this product provides is typically what attracts people to a wheelchair scale. Many patients who are wheelchair-bound look for a doctor’s office that has this type of scale. To use one, the person must simply be pushed up, onto the scale, where he can then be weighed. The machine will determine the weight of both the wheelchair and the person, and once the weight of the wheelchair has been subtracted, the person’s weight is revealed.


This type of device not only spares the person in the wheelchair the pain and discomfort of being lifted up onto a traditional scale, but also prevents injuries and strain on the staff that assists them. It also decreases the risk of a injured or handicapped person falling while trying to step onto a scale. A wheelchair scale can help the staff weigh a person quickly as well, so a patient who is waiting to see the doctor can see him without additional delay.

A wheelchair scale is also convenient for certain patients who do not use wheelchairs. People who have weak knees or have injured legs may find that stepping up onto a scale is uncomfortable and even painful. A wheelchair scale typically features a small ramp, making it easy for these kinds of patients to be weighed.

There are many brands of these scales, which can usually be found at medical supply stores, ordered from catalogs, or found on the Internet. Most are made to fit standard-sized wheelchairs and motorized chairs. The weight capacity of each scale may vary. Some can come already assembled and fully installed, making much less work for the purchaser. Many of these devices come with non-skid surfaces, which further help to prevent slips and falls.

Portable wheelchair scales are also available. These types generally have wheels on them so that they can be pulled or pushed to various locations. Some may also be folded and carried. These models are often used by medical professionals during home visits with patients.



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