What is a Weight Loss Competition?

A weight loss competition is a type of activity in which multiple people get together in person or over the Internet and compete to lose weight quickly and effectively. This type of competition is usually intended for people who are over a healthy weight level and wish to become healthier. It should not be entered into by someone who is already a healthy weight, as excess weight loss can lead to nutritional deficiencies or other health risks. A weight loss competition can often be created at work in an office, joined in at various websites, or even part of a nationally viewed television show.

Weight loss is a major concern for a number of people who find themselves overweight and unhealthy. Excess weight can lead to a number of different health problems, including heart disease, and so many people wishing to become healthier want to lose this excess weight. Many diet or weight loss programs, however, can be especially difficult to stay with or start alone, and so social weight loss can often be a more effective method than solitary activities.


A weight loss competition is one form of social weight loss where a group of people work together and challenge each other to lose weight. This can be started by a group of coworkers in an office who are all interested in losing weight. This type of competition will usually include weekly weight goals to track progress, as well as meetings one or more times per week. A weight loss competition at work allows coworkers to support each other, encourage each other to eat healthier lunches together, and promote exercise during breaks or after work.

A number of different Internet websites also provide forums and opportunities for an online weight loss competition. Though these may be somewhat impersonal at first, many such sites offer social networks and online communities where people make friends and find encouragement. It may be easier for some people to deal with potentially embarrassing weight issues with the anonymity of the Internet, and so such websites are often beneficial.

For those who are less private about their weight issues, however, there are several different television programs that can serve as a nationally televised weight loss competition. These shows often focus on healthy eating and living to promote a healthier lifestyle and provide opportunities for weight loss for overweight contestants. By placing these issues on a national or global stage, an effort is typically made to encourage viewers to also change unhealthy habits and begin eating and living healthier.



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