What Is a Weight Loss Cleanse?

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A weight loss cleanse is a diet, usually short term, meant to flush out toxins, fat, or intestinal waste to result in fast weight loss. Many people perform a weight loss cleanse to drop a few pounds before a special occasion, while some may use a cleanse to jump-start a weight loss plan. Others periodically follow a cleanse plan because they believe in the health and energy benefits.

Generally, a weight loss cleanse entails following an extremely strict diet plan for a limited amount of time. This may include a diet limited to only one serving of a very specific food or beverage, such as the lemonade cleanse diet and the grapefruit cleanse diet. In most cases, these weight loss cleanse diets are fairly difficult to maintain both because the rules of the diet dictate that a very low number of calories be consumed daily, and because the lack of variety can become tiresome.


Many nutritionists and doctors warn that weight loss cleanse diets can have very unhealthy effects if continued for too long. This can be a result of the extremely low calorie intake or because of a nutrient deficiency. Usually, fatigue, irritability, and some dizziness are the first signs that the diet is becoming unhealthy and should be stopped. While a large number of people experience these side effects, some claim to experience pleasant feelings of becoming healthier and more energetic, and believe that their mental focus and concentration improve as a result of the cleanse.

Some people love weight loss cleanses, finding that the short-term diets are refreshing and rejuvenating. Several pounds can be lost during one cleanse, although this is likely largely due to water loss and muscle loss rather than entirely from a loss in fat. However, seeing the numbers drop on the scale is the motivation that some people need to continue a more long-term diet plan.

Aside from cleanses that focus on eliminating toxins and fat from the body, there are also those, often with the help of a supplement or pill, that attempt to clean out waste from the intestines. These cleanses can also result in some weight loss, but that loss is due to removal of the waste rather than fat loss. Some people find these cleanses to be very beneficial, giving them a healthier, more energetic feeling.



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