What Is a Web-Based EMR?

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A web-based electronic medical record, or web-based EMR, is an electronic medical record that is available through the Internet. In these kinds of software situations, vendors offer clients products that they maintain through their own servers. The client simply logs onto the Internet and receives software services, without having to install software programs or provide desktop support for the products.

These systems also help with diagnosis and treatment. An electronic medical record is a record that is stored and accessed digitally. These systems take the place of traditional paperwork systems. A web-based electronic medical record is one option for EMR systems that help doctor’s offices and other care providers to administer the care they give to patients.

An electronic medical record differs in some ways from another kind of similar resource, the electronic health record. The difference, according to experts who provide these items, is that the electronic health record is made to be portable throughout various provider offices, where an electronic medical record is more likely to only be used by one provider or within one facility.

Web-based EMR resources can really help a physician practice or other medical care facility to streamline its operations. Web-based EMR tools can track patients all the way through their health care process, providing critical history and helping doctors to correctly identify treatment areas or otherwise administrate care. Digital EMRs help with many different aspects of medical office administration.


Companies who sell web-based EMR products to doctor’s offices generally promote various benefits of these kinds of systems and resources. For instance, they may point out how well-designed web-based EMR products help with a specific procedure or treatment. They may also show how patient identification, scheduling or billing, or any other aspect of administration becomes much easier with customized web-based EMR tools that doctors can order directly from the Internet without having to get involved in changing the software architecture in their office locations.

With the current move toward electronic record keeping, many doctors are looking at how web-based EMRs can empower their businesses. Governments are also pushing this sort of investment in modernization. Various incentives and legislation around the world may apply to the idea of updating medical records from old paper formats to digital ones. Web-based EMR systems are among the easiest ways for a medical office to make a move toward this kind of modern health care practice, though some have expressed concern that it may present a greater security risk, since an outside company might have access to patient records.



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