What is a Waxing Kit?

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A waxing kit is a cosmetic product sold in the health and beauty (HBA) sections of most drug stores and chain retailers purchased for removing unwanted body or facial hair. The contents of a waxing kit will depend on the waxing method the kit was designed for, but will usually contain everything necessary to do the job. There are two basic types of waxing methods, one using warm wax and one using cold. Warm waxing is often more effective and is the method used in many salons. Waxing temporarily removes unwanted hair for 2-3 weeks, or more, at a time.

In many cases, a waxing kit will be designed for use on a specific area of the body – such as face, bikini area, or legs – though the procedure can be done anywhere hair is to be removed. Warm waxing requires heating the wax, either in a wax warmer or by simply soaking in warm water, applying the wax with an applicator and pressing wax strips over the wax until cooled. The strips are then pulled away, taking hair with it. Cold waxing requires no heat and is often accomplished with pre-waxed strips.


When you purchase a waxing kit, be sure to read all the instructions thoroughly before using it for the first time. It is usually recommended to test a small area before wide-use application to check for skin sensitivity and allergic reaction. If you purchase a warm waxing kit, be sure to follow the instructions for warming the wax and do not place the wax in a microwave unless the directions specify.

Whether a warm or cool waxing kit, the principle is the same. Facial and body hair adheres to the wax, which in turn adheres to a paper or cloth strip. When the strip is pulled away, the hair is lifted from the follicle and pulled away as well. The level of pain or discomfort you experience will depend on the sensitivity of the area being waxed as well as individual pain tolerance, but most people find the process at least mildly, if only temporarily, uncomfortable.

To ease the discomfort, be sure to pull the wax strip quickly in the opposite direction of hair growth. Applying a warm compress with gentle pressure over the area immediately after wax removal can minimize discomfort. Some people experience redness and sensitivity for a few hours to a day or so after waxing. Anyone showing signs of allergic reaction, such as rash, folliculitis, or swelling and sensitivity that lasts more than an hour or two, should not use waxing kits. Instead, seek out a different method of hair removal.



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@cmsmith10- A Brazilian wax is specifically for the bikini area. If you have never had a Brazilian wax before, I wouldn’t recommend you do your first one at home. I would definitely let a professional do it. That way, you can learn how they do it and perhaps do it yourself one day.

Facial waxing is a fairly simple procedure to do at home with a professional waxing kit. However, when you are talking about the bikini area, unless you have a high tolerance for pain, stick with the pros.

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What is a Brazilian wax kit used for? Is it just a different brand?

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