What is a Water Ionizer?

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A water ionizer is a type of appliance that literally ionizes water. It is widely believed that ionized water can help to slow the aging process, cure illness, and prevent disease, and perform a number of other tasks, though these theories are largely debated. Various researchers claim that ionized water has many antioxidants, which help to counter free radicals that may be present within the body.

Essentially, a water ionizer uses a method called electrolysis to separate water into two different portions: alkaline and acid. Since almost all drinking water has an abundance of magnesium and calcium ions, an electric charge created by electrolysis easily exploits these ions. However, water and filtered water cannot be affected by electrolysis.

Once water has been ionized, it turns into sodium hypochlorite, which is one of the main ingredients found in household bleach. In fact, ionized water has been used within the restaurant business for many years now, since it proves to be an effective cleaner. Whether a water ionizer may, or may not, be good for your health is debatable, though the cost of a water ionizer is not.

Ionizers are expensive machines that may not be worth the initial cost. Since ionized water must be consumed right away in order to be effective, water that is left to sit for awhile will not have any positive effect on an individual. Also, ionized water must be measured frequently and expertly in order to contain the proper nutrients.


Even though water ionizers are marketed as being good for your health, there is no scientific data to back up this claim. Still, many manufacturers create ionizers. You can purchase an ionizer online or in a local pharmacy, since these devices are sold in abundance. Some spas and health clubs also sell ionized water that can be purchase in bottle form, though, as previously stated, ionized water that is not consumed right away cannot really be considered ionized at all.

People have been drinking ionized water for many decades now in the hopes that this water will slow the aging process. While the theory behind ionized water is an interesting one, it is not one that can be proven as of yet. Further research into the effects of ionized water is constantly being conducted by scientists all over the globe.



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