What Is a Voicemail Access Number?

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A voicemail access number is a telephone number provided by a voicemail service to allow subscribers to dial into their voicemail accounts and manage any currently saved messages. Typically, the number is used when a subscriber is away from home and wishes to check any voice messages currently stored on the service. Originally envisioned as part of the features associated with voicemail accounts offered with land line accounts, many mobile service providers today also supply their customers with a voicemail access number to use when checking messages from any phone other than the mobile or cellular unit associated with the account.

In order to make use of a voicemail access number, the subscriber places a call to the service using the number provided. With many services, the access number will require only the basic number when calling from a phone that is part of the local calling area. Should the subscriber be outside the local calling area, then additional components of the voicemail access number, such as a country code or an area code, will also be necessary. When successful, the number will allow the subscriber to connect with the voicemail account and be able to use the features associated with the account by using the keypad on the touch-tone phone used to place the call.


One of the benefits of having a voicemail access number associated with a voicemail account is that consumers who are away from home can easily check messages on a landline account, without having to go through the more complicated process of calling the home number, waiting for the call to roll to voicemail, and then using prompts to log in to hear and manage messages. This type of access number can also come in handy should the subscriber misplace or damage the cell phone associated with the account, making it impossible to connect with the voicemail account using the mobile device. As long as the subscriber has the number and access to some type of telephone equipment with touch-tone service, the voicemail account can be entered and the messages reviewed.

Typically, having a voicemail access number associated with a voicemail account is a feature that is included in the basic costs for the service. This means that consumers pay nothing extra for being able to reach a voicemail account using an access number. To verify this, always read the terms and conditions associated with the account and the use of the access number.



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