What is a Venture Capital Fund?

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Venture capital funds are pools of assets that are created by the involvement of multiple investors. Generally, a venture capital fund is created for the purpose of engaging in a specific business related project or enterprise. The exact structure of the pooled investment is determined by the entity that is seeking the funding for the project, including the projected return that each investor can anticipate.

Venture capital is a great way to start up a new project or launch a new product when the resources of the company are dedicated to the core operation. By seeking outside funding, the corporation can generate the resources that are needed to see the project through until it reaches a point of profitability. In return for investment in the venture capital fund, participants are provided with a schedule for repaying the investment with interest, or by receiving partial ownership in the new venture.

One thing to keep in mind about any project that is financed with a venture capital fund is that there may be an increased element of risk. The entity launching the project chose a venture capital fund model because it was not able to do so without outside help. This is a sign that if the project does not result in generating profit, the investors may or may not be able to recoup their investment, much less realize a profit.


For this reason, it is always a good idea to investigate the project thoroughly before getting involved. This means looking into the financial stability of the company behind the creation of the venture capital fund, evaluating the potential for success of the project, and projecting how quickly the project can reasonably be expected to turn a profit. As part of this process, it is usually wise to learn why the project could not be funded by obtaining a bank or market loan.

Venture capital projects are not necessarily something to be avoided. In fact, many investors have made a great deal of money from participating in product launches and other projects that were financed with the aid of a venture capital fund. However, the investor should always consider all possible outcomes before committing any resources to the fund.



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