What Is a Venison Casserole?

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A venison casserole is a type of single dish meal made from venison, spices, and assorted vegetables. Creating a casserole is typically a simple way to prepare a complete meal at one time, and then cook it all together for a smooth blend of flavors and ease of preparation. This dish can generally be made with either chunks of venison or by using ground venison, depending on what’s available.

Often the first step in making a venison casserole is to brown the meat to add color and flavor using butter or shortening. Since venison can sometimes be quite tough, longer cooking times are helpful, to give the meat time to tenderize. This is not so important when using ground meat for the venison casserole, but chunks of stew meat may do better when cooked slowly for as long as possible. Some types of venison casserole allow for this and have an extended range of cooking times.

The vegetables can be an important part of venison casserole; onions are almost always used, and potatoes and carrots are common as well. Other vegetables that are sometimes included in a venison casserole are green beans, celery, and green pepper. Much of the choice depends on both personal preference and how the dish is prepared, since not all vegetables can withstand very long cooking times and still retain their color and texture.

When seasoning a venison casserole, it is important to use those things that complement the meat and bring out the natural flavors, rather than overwhelm it. Garlic is one of the most commonly used seasonings, along with salt and pepper. Herbs that are often used include oregano, marjoram, and rosemary. Other frequently used ingredients are rice, cheese, bacon, and mushrooms.

Venison casserole is often cooked in the oven, typically at a medium-low heat, allowing the meat plenty of time not only to cook thoroughly, but also to become very tender. Another favorite way to make this dish is to use a slow cooker. In this method, all of the ingredients are placed in the cooker early in the day, often just before the cook leaves for work. All of the food simmers together throughout the day, and by dinnertime it is cooked, tender, and ready to be served as a simple and filling meal.


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