What Is a Vegan Casserole?

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A vegan casserole is a dish that is not made with any animal products, such as meat or dairy. Casseroles are generally dense, filling dishes that are popular in the fall and winter; they are frequently made with ingredients such as pasta, vegetables, cheeses, and meats. A vegan casserole will not include meat or cheese, but there are many options for substitutions for these ingredients so the casserole is still a filling and delicious meal. When hosting potluck or community dinners, it is a good idea to include at least a few vegetarian or vegan dishes for people who do not eat meat or dairy for any reason.

There are hundreds of different casserole recipes to be found in cookbooks or online, and many can simply be adapted to be vegan with the alteration of a few ingredients. Otherwise, there are many vegan cooking websites and cookbooks that offer specialized vegan recipes. These often provide great ideas and new recipe suggestions that someone might not otherwise think of, and may suggest new ways to use common vegan ingredients such as vegetables and grains. In general, there are a few different types of foods found in most casseroles, including a vegan casserole.


When making a vegan casserole, it will be necessary to have a base, which makes the casserole more dense and filling. This is generally pasta or rice. Some people also choose to use potato, or even make a flour-based crust. Ingredients in a vegan casserole will almost always include vegetables. Any type of vegetable may be used in a casserole such as this; different types of squash are quite popular, but depending on the season of the year, certain vegetables may be more readily available. Tofu might also be added, in lieu of meat, and mushrooms are also a common addition.

It will be necessary to add liquid or sauce to the casserole to be sure it steams and cooks through when it is in the oven. Vegetable stock can be used. Otherwise, there are many vegan options, such as imitation vegan soy cheese, as well as different types of milk substitutes such as soy milk, almond milk or rice milk, that can all be used to make a creamy sauce. The ingredients for the casserole are mixed together and baked in the casserole dish, then served and eaten hot. One of the benefits to making casseroles is that they tend to freeze quite well, and can be put away for later.



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