What is a Vapor Steam Cleaner?

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To clean and deodorize surfaces, many individuals opt for vapor steam cleaners. These types of cleaners use steam to rid surfaces of germs, debris, and contaminants. Steam cleaners work via a high pressure steam to clean, and will usually come packaged with a set of brushes. They require very little set up, lending them to be an easy yet effective cleaning tool.

Steam cleaners usually need very little set up, with the main parts consisting of the body compartment, water tank, and brush attachment. Most will come equipped with a mop attachment to remove debris from non-porous surfaces, as well as a brush attachment to help lift stains from carpet and upholstery. The cleaner can also be used without an attachment, allowing for extreme deodorization and disinfection of surfaces.

A vapor steam cleaner uses high pressure steam to cleanse, disinfect, and deodorize surfaces. These cleaners have an internal boiler that boils water to create a heavy steam. This allows the hot water molecules to penetrate the pores of a surface, drawing out odors and effectively destroying bacteria like salmonella and Escherichia Coli (E. Coli).

Most vapor steam cleaners are readily available for commercial and residential use. The cleaning device has been noted to remove pests, grime, fungi, and germs from toilets, car interiors, and other surfaces. Due to its efficacy in removing surface bacteria and contaminants, a vapor steam cleaner can be especially beneficial in a hospital, nursing home, or clinic. On the same token, a vapor steam cleaner can be safely used in a household with a baby, allowing parents to effectively disinfect toys and baby accessories.

Even though a steam cleaner is a relatively safe device to maneuver around, special caution must be taken for any high pressure device, especially since a steam cleaner can cause burns. Many of the mops, brushes, and attachments will also have to be regularly replaced if they are consistently used on rough surfaces. The boiler compartment will also have to be regularly checked for damages, such as any leaks will diminish the high pressure action created by the cleaner, potentially rendering it useless.

A vapor steam cleaner is readily available at most home improvement facilities. Depending on the type of equipment you desire, prices can vary from a conventional vapor steam cleaner to commercial grade equipment. Some cleaners come with a self-cleaning boiler and additional attachments that can be a factor in the price of a steam cleaner.


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