What Is a Tuna Wrap?

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A tuna wrap is a dish somewhat similar to a tuna salad sandwich that is typically made using diced or shredded tuna and a wrapper of some kind. Canned tuna is usually used for this dish, and different people may prefer various types and brands that are available. The tuna can be flavored in a number of ways, often with ingredients such as onions and some type of dressing or sauce. This is placed on a wrapper, such as a flour tortilla, and rolled up to form a tuna wrap, which is often cut in half prior to serving.

Making a tuna wrap is quite simple, and often begins with a can of tuna. There are many different brands and kinds of tuna that can be used for this, including albacore and varieties that are provided in chunks or in shredded pieces. Canned tuna can be packed in either water or oil, and personal preference usually indicates which type is used; those brands in oil may be easier to use to make a tuna wrap, however, since they do not require additional oil. While fresh tuna can be used, it would require cooking and need to be diced or shredded.

Numerous ingredients can be used to make a tuna wrap, depending on the tastes of the person preparing or eating the dish. Onions are often included, especially mild varieties such as yellow or red onions, which are typically diced or minced to soften their flavor. Other ingredients can be used in a tuna wrap, such as avocado, artichoke hearts, and minced olives, all of which provide additional flavor and texture for the finished dish. Lemon or lime juice are often added to provide some acidity, which creates a nice contrast against the mild flavor of the tuna.

All of these ingredients are combined in a bowl while preparing a tuna wrap, and are used within the actual wrapper itself. Many different types of wrappers can be used, though flour tortillas are among the most common forms, and some people prefer whole wheat tortillas for additional flavor and texture. The wrapper is typically warmed to make it more pliable and preventing it from cracking or breaking as it is wrapped around the filling. Sauce is often used in a tuna wrap, to help keep it moist and to add more flavor, such as salad dressing, humus, or a sauce made from other ingredients like oil or mayonnaise and hot sauce.


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