What Is a Truck-Mounted Forklift?

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A truck-mounted forklift is a piece of heavy machinery designed to lift pallets and other heavy objects; it is also designed to mount to the back of a larger truck when not in use. This function allows the forklift to be transported to a job site or to any other place it is required along with the truck. The lift usually features three wheels with pneumatic tires for maneuverability and stability, and the lift can raise pallets or other items at least to the height of the truck's bed or deck.

The purpose of the truck-mounted forklift is to combine functionality with portability. Most forklifts are heavy and bulky enough that they cannot be transported easily to job sites or to other locations where they are needed, so the smaller, lighter truck-mounted forklift deals with this by mounting easily to the truck. It is still a highly functional forklift, but it may not be able to attain the heights other lifts can reach. The lift will primarily be used for loading and unloading the truck, and transporting the pallets of goods to a construction site or other location.

Mounting the truck-mounted forklift to the truck is usually not difficult. It can be done two different ways as well: the lift may actually be driven onto the bed of the truck, or it may be lifted off the ground off the rear of the truck. The latter method is more common because it does not take up valuable storage space on the truck bed. The lift can be stored off the rear of the truck by inserting the lift's blades into specially designed sleeves. The forklift can then be lifted off the ground so the tires are not at risk of coming in contact with the ground during transport. The lift is then secured using chains and other locking devices to prevent it from moving or shifting during transport.

Three wheels control the truck-mounted forklift when it is on the ground. The rear wheel is used for steering the lift, while the two front wheels provide stability when lifting objects. The driver of the lift must be trained to properly drive and operate the lift, and he or she must also be trained how to properly mount and dismount the rig from the truck.


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