What is a Transport Wheelchair?

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A transport wheelchair is used to carry an individual safely. They are commonly used in a hospital or clinic setting. A patient who needs a transport wheelchair may or may not be able to walk by himself. After a surgical procedure, a patient may have sutures or fresh injuries. A transport wheelchair ensures that the patient is carried without any chance of further injury.

In a hospital, a transport wheelchair can also be used to carry a patient to different places within the facility. For example, when a person needs testing or rehabilitation therapy, a transport wheelchair can be safely taken to that area. This is especially true for people who have not yet been diagnosed. When a patient is admitted to the emergency room, he may have injuries that are not yet seen. A transport wheelchair is a safeguard against any further injuries that can result from walking or moving the body.

These types of wheelchairs can also be used to move people who are unable to walk. They can be pushed by a caregiver or by the patient himself if he can move his arms. This gives the patient mobility and can also improve his overall quality of life by being able to move around freely. A transport wheelchair can make it possible for a person to go grocery shopping or to the doctor’s office for scheduled appointments.


The transport wheelchair is lightweight and can be easy to handle. Unlike heavier motorized scooters, this wheelchair only weighs around 20 pounds (around 9 kg). It has four small wheels used to easily push the patient. There are also metal foot holders for added comfort. Transport wheelchairs generally have handles at the top of the chair. They are placed there so that the caregiver can push the patient, if they are unable to push himself.

Typically, these types of wheelchairs only have basic features, but some are equipped with others functions. They typically are equipped with brakes. Transport wheelchair brakes sometimes are on the chair handles, so that the caregiver can have full control over the chair. These wheelchairs can also be large to accommodate a patient who has a larger stature.



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