What is a Tanning Accelerator?

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A tanning accelerator is a topical skin product that is used to boost the level at which the skin produces melanin, which is the skin's response to exposure to UV rays. Some kinds of tanning accelerator are ingested orally as pills. Tanning accelerator products are used by people who want their skin to look as deeply tanned as possible, as well as by people who want to develop a tan as quickly as possible. In the event that the skin begins to react in a negative way, it is very important to discontinue the use of the product and see a medical professional as soon as possible. It is also crucial to watch for any signs of skin cancer such as changes in or the development of moles or discolored patches of skin.

The key ingredients in most tanning accelerator products are psoralen and tyrosene. Neither of these products have been approved by the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and should therefore be used with great caution. Tanning in and of itself can lead to serious health risks such as skin cancer and tanning accelerator products can increase these risks. Before using this kind of product, it is best to consult with one's doctor about the safety of the product and how it might effect one's skin depending on skin type and any present skin conditions.


Topical tanning accelerator products are usually sold as lotions, balms, or sprays. The lotions and balms can be rubbed over the skin that will be exposed to sunlight or light from a tanning bed. The sprays can simply be sprayed all over the body on the areas that are intended for tanning.

There are a few varieties of tanning accelerator pills that are also marketed as weight-loss pills. For many people a slim body and tan skin are the two main hallmarks of beauty. However, just with all other types of tanning accelerator products, these pills can pose health risks. These kinds of pills should not be taken without the approval of a doctor.

Tanning accelerator can be purchased online, in beauty supply stores, and in tanning salons. The price of the products vary, but they usually cost between $5 USD (US Dollars) and $20 USD. Some products are as expensive as $35 USD for one bottle.



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