What is a Tampon Case?

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A tampon case is a type of case or holder designed to tote feminine hygiene products, particularly tampons. This case offers discreet protection for a woman's personal items, should she need to carry them. A discreet tampon case can be made from a number of materials, and some of them may even be considered quite stylish. Depending on the type of case, prices often vary drastically.

Many women do not like to advertise that they are having their monthly periods. Additionally, most people, especially men, would rather not hear about a woman's personal issues. This is often considered to be a taboo subject in many cultures. A tampon case allows a woman to carry her feminine hygiene products, without everyone else around her knowing. They can either be carried alone, in a pocket, or in her purse.

Not only does a case allow for a certain amount of discretion, Many of them also offer some degree of protection. Most of these cases are designed to keep tampons from getting crushed. Tampons or sanitary pads kept in a tampon case will often also be kept cleaner and dryer, in case something gets spilled accidentally. Many of them are moisture resistant.


Flexible tampon cases can be made from a variety of materials. Some of these include vinyl, nylon, and other types of cloth. These are usually closed with a zipper. Although many of them are still moisture resistant, tampons may still be crushed or broken in this type of case.

A rigid tampon case is usually made from a harder material, including plastic or even metal. They are usually closed with a snap-type closure. Like more flexible tampon cases, they are also usually water resistant. Because they are more rigid and less likely to bend or cave in, these cases seem to offer a little more protection for tampons.

A tampon case can be just about any size. Smaller, more discreet, cases are available, but they are usually only designed to hold a few tampons. Larger cases are available, and they can typically hold more. A larger tampon case may also be able to hold some sanitary pads as well.

Choosing a case for carrying tampons is really a matter of preference. Tampon cases can come in a number of different colors and styles. Some may be simply designed, while others may be more ornate. Many of these can be found decorated with a variety of embellishments. Some companies even offer personalization, embroidering, or engraving a name or initials.

While some of these cases can be found for a small price, others may be much higher. This all depends on what type of tampon case a woman is looking to purchase. An engraved and personalized metal case, for example, will often cost much more than a plain, simple cloth case.



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