What is a Strawberry Jar?

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Strawberry jars are basically urn-shaped containers with various planting pockets within the sides. While they are made especially for growing strawberry plants, an assortment of flowers, herbs, and foliage plants can also be grown in them. A strawberry jar can be used to create an interesting water feature as well, such as a fountain. Strawberry jars are great for gardening in or adding interest to small areas. These containers are quite versatile.

Strawberry jars are available in most garden centers. They can be found in different styles and sizes with various numbers of planting pockets. There are also many materials from which a strawberry jar can be made. This includes plastic, terra cotta, and ceramic. Regardless of the type of material, however, it’s important to make sure that there are suitable drainage holes located within the bottom.

When choosing a strawberry jar, weigh all options carefully. While popular for their lightweight feature and inexpensive price, plastic strawberry jars are more prone to tipping over. Therefore, this type of material may not be suitable for use in windy locations. Overall, terra cotta jars are more widely used. However, the porous material requires more frequent watering.


If using terra cotta, avoid excessively hot or dry conditions. Ceramic strawberry jars will actually retain more water but are also more expensive. In addition, these decorative jars may not fare as well in unprotected areas outdoors. Choosing the right strawberry jar depends on both the needs of the gardener and the plants grown as well as its overall purpose.

When choosing plants for the strawberry jar, make sure they’re well adapted to this type of growing environment. Generally, the number of plants selected will depend on the number of planting pockets—usually one plant per pocket. An additional three or four plants are needed up top. Plants that have trailing or hanging characteristics are perfect for strawberry jars. In addition, adding plants with various textures and contrasts will create further interest.

When planting, add well-draining potting soil that has been mixed with time-release fertilizer. Fill only to the lowest planting pockets. Then carefully tuck each plant into the lower pockets and tamp firmly in place. Continue filling the strawberry jar with soil until all the planting pockets are filled with plants. Plant the top of the jar last and water slowly but thoroughly.

Strawberry jars are a great way to grow plants nearly anywhere. Even better, these containers allow people to use their imagination to create lovely additions to their homes and gardens.



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