What Is a Steak Burrito?

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A steak burrito is a popular twist on a more traditional burrito made with ground beef. In this case, the filling is generally made with strips of steak, and often mixed with other ingredients such as cheese, rice or beans, and seasonings like salsa or guacamole. All of these ingredients are then wrapped up into a corn or flour tortilla, and served hot. A steak burrito can make a great meal at virtually any time of the day, and some people make breakfast steak burritos, mixing them up with scrambled eggs in lieu of some of the spicier ingredients.

There are many different recipes to be found online with instructions for preparing a steak burrito. Any type of steak may be used, though round steaks or even simple minute steaks are the most common. These are cooked and then sliced into thin, bite-sized strips. They are usually then sauteed in a pan with a bit of olive oil, and the other ingredients that will be included in the burrito, until all the ingredients are heated through.


The types of rice and beans that are used is a matter of personal preference. White rice is popular, but brown rice is healthier because it is higher in fiber and is also more filling. Black beans are also a common choice for a steak burrito. In addition to these ingredients, cheeses such as cheddar are often mixed in the filling. Seasonings may include things like onion and garlic, red pepper, or cumin depending on taste preferences, and many people will mix salsa in the filling as well. The ingredients are spooned into a flour or corn tortilla, wrapped up, and baked for a few minutes in an oven.

A steak burrito is typically served hot, with toppings such as sour cream, guacamole, or more salsa. Some will also top it with more melted cheese. Though it makes a great lunch or dinner, a steak burrito can also make a great breakfast with a few modifications. Scrambled eggs, or egg whites, mixed with strips of steak can make a breakfast burrito that is not only tasty, but easy to eat on the go; they can be made even easier by simply wrapping them in foil and slowly peeling it back as the burrito is eaten. There are plenty of ways to customize these popular burritos to taste preferences.



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